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Officials from the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI)

paid a courtesy visit to the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, 12th December, 2019., through the collaborative effort of Mr. Jerry Kwabena Adinkra (Brooklyn Ambassador, Office of the Brooklyn Borough President; and Executive Producer of New York Kente Fest, International Business & Culture Expo). 

The GNCCI Officials were welcomed by Randy Peers (President and CEO), Tondalaya London (Vice President, Business Services), Rick Russo (Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer), Katheryn Benedetto (Senior Project Manager, Economic Development), and the team from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. 

In his welcome remarks, Mr. Peers noted that Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs, most diverse county, and fastest-growing community in New York. It is still a small business economy (84% of companies with less than 10 employees). Immigrant, minority, and women entrepreneurship constitute the major group leading the way. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (BCC) was established in 1926.Some business challenges are new and other remain – high costs of doing business in New York City, burdening government regulations, traffic and infrastructure issues, changing political debate, and workforce development and accessing skilled employees.

The BCC is an “Old school” model evolving with the changing times. It has always been ahead of the curve – a leader and innovator for over 100 years. It operates on a four-wheel model: Promotion; Support; Advocacy; and Convening. It has leverage technology to create a new chamber for a new age; thus, making it the first business association to digitize its operation. The Brooklyn App is a digital platform that provides access to any events and services including B2B and B2C.

On behalf of the GNCCI, Nana Dr. Dankawoso I expressed his appreciation to the management of BCC for the opportunity to interact with them. He briefed them about the history of the GNCCI which is replete with the passion to promote and protect commercial and industrial interests of its members and the private sector as a whole. He noted that as a business advocacy organisation with legislative backing (LI 611 of 1968, Act 232), the GNCCI has provided myriads of business opportunities to the business community while engaging government and other stakeholders for a conducive business environment. He highlighted some of the initiatives being undertaken by the Chamber including the GNCCI Business School, GNCCI ADR Centre, GNCCI Credit Union. 

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The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce is an association of business operators, firms and industries with interests spanning every sector of private enterprise in Ghana. Read more

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