GNCCI Engages with Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to Promote Economic Growth

On March 20, 2024, the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI) held a dialogue session with the Vice President and Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. This meeting served as a platform to address pressing issues affecting the private sector and the broader economy, focusing on proposing solutions to promote sustainable economic growth in the country.

The GNCCI presented recommendations to address critical concerns, including the removal of the COVID-19 levy, a review of duties and levies at ports, and addressing intermittent power outages, among others, to foster a more conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

In his opening remark, Dr. Clement Osei Amoako, President of GNCCI, underscored the importance of public-private partnerships in infrastructure development. He called for streamlined governance and efficient resource allocation to support the private sector’s contribution to national development.

Moreover, Dr. Amoako advocated for a review of taxation policies to create a fair and conducive business environment. He highlighted the need for revised tax rates and strategies to alleviate the burden on businesses, particularly in terms of fund repatriation and property taxes.

In response, Dr. Bawumia affirmed the government’s recognition of the vital role played by the private sector in driving economic development. He reiterated the government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment that supports the growth and prosperity of businesses across various sectors.

Furthermore, Dr. Bawumia outlined his vision for economic transformation, emphasising the importance of targeted interventions in key sectors such as mining. He proposed the establishment of a Minerals Development Bank to cater specifically to the financing needs of the mining industry, highlighting the potential for economic growth through sustainable resource utilisation.

The dialogue session concluded with a mutual commitment to ongoing collaboration and dialogue between the government and the business community. The Vice President expressed optimism about the prospects of future engagements, emphasising the shared goal of fostering sustainable economic growth and prosperity for Ghana.

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