GNCCI Tema Regional Branch Elects New Executives

The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tema Regional Branch held elections on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, to elect new executives to steer the affairs in accordance with Article 35 of the Chamber’s Rules.

Mr. Michael Kabutey Caesar, the newly elected Tema Regional Chairman of the Chamber, called for the preparation of a Manual to guide business sustainability and growth. 

He underlined the importance of developing these guidelines to assist businesses in growing and expanding. He clarified that, in terms of training and capacity building, business owners still require a guidebook to which they can always refer when making business decisions.

In the face of existing challenges, he noted addressing large, small, and medium-sized businesses with a single message does not produce the desired results. “We need to segment, target, and reach out to our members, with the view of lifting them from where they are, to what they call growth and prosperity,” he said.

Mr. Kabutey admonished businesses to work toward growing both medium-sized and large businesses rather than always remaining small businesses. In this regard, having a manual is essential because it will show businesses how to proceed clearly and concisely from one level to the next.

He strongly advised Members of the Chamber to take advantage of available opportunities of the Chamber, as well as the current economic difficulties in order to get the most out of them. He indicated that, even though the country is not in its normal state, the private sector must embrace itself to exploit new opportunities. 

To achieve growth in Ghana, he urged businesses to get in touch with the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry to find common ground in assisting them with their challenges in a unique tailored way to achieve growth in the sector.

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