Covid-19; Examining the Concerns and Expectations of Businesses in Ghana

It is obvious that COVID-19

has entirely disrupted every aspect of human life including economic, physical, social, and mental well-being. In the efforts to contain the virus and curb its spread, governments across the globe have implemented a number of measures including total or partial lockdowns. The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GNCCI) commends government for the bold measures implemented thus far. The GNCCI also commends government for the consultations it has had so far with key stakeholders.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has negatively affected businesses in Ghana. As the representative organ of the business community in Ghana, the GNCCI undertook a business survey to understand the enormity of the effects. The survey also sought to elicit the concerns and expectations of the business community on the pandemic and its effects on businesses. The rationale was to obtain empirical evidence for effective engagement with government and other stakeholders. A summary of the key findings and recommendations is presented below. (Download the full report) 

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