Export Documentation

A company requiring Certificate of Origin is obliged to complete and return to the Chamber’s office, the Documentation Service Registration Form which captures the company’s name, authorized signatories, and manufacturing cost statement.
This form only needs to be completed once, however, the Chamber should be notified of changes to the company’s signatories or other details. In case of a company acting on behalf of another, a letter should accompany the Documentation Service Registration Form to this effect. This registration is free of charge.
The certificate must be completed and the declaration signed by an authorized officer of the company prior to certification by the Chamber. All signatures must be originals and photocopies will not be accepted.
The purpose of Certificate of Origin is to facilitate international trade and proves that the product exported is manufactured and produced in Ghana. It is required by certain countries in order to determine whether duties or tariffs should be assessed on the products being imported.

The Chamber currently issues five types of certificates:

The following documents are required before Certificate of Origin can be issued:
• Certificate Type
• Exporter’s Tin Number
• Exporter’s Name and Address
• Importer’s Name and Address
• Port of Discharge
• ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Number (Optional but important)
• Product Description
• Product HS Code
• Quantity of Goods
• Net Weight
• Gross Weight
• Total Invoice Value

Note: In addition all exporters are to provide commercial invoice or packing list, customs declaration form, bill of laden, etc. to the Ghana Chamber of Commerce to help process the certificate.


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