The Greater Memphis Chamber Join GNCCI To Strengthen The Private Sector

The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI) has signed a partnership agreement with the Greater Memphis Chamber, the largest economic development organization in the Mid-South which serves as the voice of businesses and provides the support needed for all businesses to be economically viable.

The agreement seeks to promote trade collaborations relating to economic development and commerce between the Greater Memphis Chamber and The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

This initial MOU is to confirm the Greater Memphis Chamber’s commitment to participate in a series of meetings; either virtual or otherwise, to discuss economic development opportunities, webinars, potential trips and business alliances. Additional and more specific MOUs will be developed as definitive initiatives are developed.

Over the past decades, the GNCCI has continuously leveraged its unique position as the representative voice in promoting and protecting commercial and industrial interests in the country.

These include but not limited to: trade intelligence; business promotion; export development; trade facilitation; evidence-based advocacy; policy dialogue; among others.

The Chamber remains a trusted partner working with the private sector actors and government at various levels to achieve a healthy growth of businesses and shared prosperity for all.

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